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Cookie statement & disclaimer

Cookie statement

This cookie statement applies to The cookie explanation is prepared according to OPTA's guidelines.

What are cookies and why are they used?
Websites use handy and useful techniques that enhance ease of use and provide website visitors with more service. One of these techniques is the use of cookies, used by website owners or third parties (such as advertisers) who communicate through the website you visit. The use of cookies is safe. The information stored by cookies can not create a traceable profile. Cookies do not store any personal information, such as email address or phone number. As a result, cookies cannot be used for email and telemarketing actions. We find it important that the users of Yoshiko Home are aware of which cookies are used and for what purposes they are used. Ensuring the privacy and user-friendliness of the website are the main goals. Read more about the different types of cookies used on below.

Cookies that make sure functions properly

The website uses cookies to ensure that the website is properly displayed and functioning properly. For example, cookies are used for:

o   Reading browser settings to display our website optimally on your screen.
o   Detecting abuse of our website and services

Cookies for analysis purposes
An analysis cookie gathers information about how a visitor uses a website. To determine which components of are most interesting to our visitors, we try to measure continuously using Google Analytics. For example, which page is most visited and where error messages appear. The purpose of this type of cookie is to give us insight into how the website functions, how we can improve it. This cookie also contributes to the ease of use of visitors, so you. In addition, Yoshiko reports on the performance of the different websites and third parties on this website. This is why these web statistics are necessary. The statistics and other reports are not redirected to persons.

Cookies are used for:
o   Tracking the number of visitors on the different web pages
o   Tracking the time spent by each visitor on the different pages
o   The different navigation paths that users follow
o   Assess which parts of the website need customization and optimization of the website.

Cookies to share the content of through social media
The content you view on our website can be shared by clicking on the different buttons through social media. For the operation of these buttons, social media cookies are used by the various social media. These cookies make it possible for already logged in users to recognize you when you want to share the article. For the cookies placed by the different social media parties and the possible data they collect with this, we refer to the statements of these parties. Yoshiko Home has no influence on these statements, which may change with some regularity. See:

The use of ad cookies
Certainly, not all ads use cookies, but some advertisers do. These ads are posted by us or third parties on It may be that after clicking on an ad, a cookie is placed by the third party. Parties may not place cookies without the permission of Yoshiko Home Cookies.

What can I do if I do not want (certain) cookies?
If you do not want any websites on your computer to place cookies, you can customize your browser settings so that you get a warning when cookies are placed or that cookies are completely rejected. That goes very easy. Please refer to the help function of your browser. Note: You must customize these settings for each browser and computer you use. Be aware that if you do not want cookies, we can no longer guarantee our website is working well. Some features of the site may be lost.

We can adjust this policy at any time. The adjustments will come into effect immediately. We encourage you to regularly review this cookie policy. Questions about this policy can be sent via the contact page. This cookie policy was modified on 30/11/2016.

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_custom_heading text="Disclaimer" use_theme_fonts="yes"][vc_column_text]Yoshiko Home keeps all intellectual property rights, or licenses for those rights, of what is on this website and is being published. Nothing on this website may be disclosed, reproduced or reproduced by anyone other than Yoshiko Home, in whole or in part, or stored in an automated database.

The information and data on this website are compiled with the utmost care. Yoshiko Home is not responsible for information (including websites) as far as under the responsibility of others than Yoshiko Home, or edited. The contents of this website cannot be derived from Yoshiko Home. Yoshiko Home is not liable for any damages that are the direct or indirect consequence of obvious inaccuracies or errors on this website.

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